I wanna eat french fries

I know it was yesterday’s prompt but I’m going to write about it anyways because Fuck the World :)

It said: “Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?”

So, I’m going to look in the mirror right now and then describe myself.

I’m wearing my purple way too ugly but too comfy to throw away sweater with a pair of black jeans, white socks and a big scarf I bought yesterday and I’m in love with. I’m wearing white shirts underneath the sweater and I’m going to leave the underwear part out if you don’t mind. Today I’ve decided to wear my glasses and I actually forgot to put any make-up on. I did do my hair though.

The person I see does match up with how I feel right now. Besides leaving for the gym, I didn’t leave the house today and as a matter of fact; it’s raining right now.

I do not put that much effort in my make-up, for instance; I only wear mascara, a little eyeliner and sometimes some BB-cream. People often don’t notice when I’m not wearing any make-up because my lashes are quite dark and big :) I’m glad my mom gave me those genes haha.

When on a school day, I often do my hair and make-up properly (unlike today). Half a year ago, I couldn’t care less because I felt like shit but I do feel a whole lot better now. My social life has become better and school is still on the right track :)

I’m off to get some food with my housemates I guess. We’re probably getting take out haha. Lazy Students we are!

Love, Avelynn

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